Web Presence Is Essential

In today age of information technology it is essential for everyone to have a web presence, for companies, organizations, individuals.

Web presence is location on internet world wide web, examples for web presence are website, blog, social network profile.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name is identification string on internet that can be used for website email or other purpose, for example http://domain1.com or info@domain1.com

When registering domain name consider to:

Domain names can be registered with domain name registrars.
The registration process can be done online with credit card for price about 12 USD for year.

Website Creation

Some of the first steps to create web presence is to create a website.
To have a website it is necessary to build the website and to acquire web hosting, there is also option to use free web hosting service.

Build a website
There are some factors to consider when building a website.

Acquiring web hosting
Web hosting service is a space on computer server on internet that can be used to publish a website, it can be used online with control panel and other tools.

Web hosting technology depends on the technology of the website that has to be published, there are Linux and Windows packages, for example to publish WordPress website it is required Linux web hosting service.

Using free web hosting service
There are also free web hosting services like http://wordpress.com but the website will be published on others domain name for example http://domain1.wordpress.com

Online Publishing Platforms

Blogs and forums are important for web presence, follows some of the popular online publishing platforms.

Social Network Profiles

Social network profiles are important for web presence, there are many social networks that can be used to create personal and company profiles.

Web Activities

Some of the web activities that can be useful for web presence are: