Information Technology Products

Web sites, client applications, data archives, open source products.

Single Page Websites

This are single page ready to use Personal and Company websites.

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Single page websites
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Single Page Website, 15 Euro.

Web Presentations

Web presentations can be presented manually or in autoplay on small or big screens. The slides are created with Html and can contain any content as text images video.

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Web Presentations

Company Website

This is ready to use WordPress website, has products services news blog and more.

Menu sections are organized as categories, to add new product just create new post in products category in WordPress dashboard.

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Company WordPress Website

WordPress Websites

Development installation and support for WordPress websites.
Creation of the website structure, menus, pages, posts, theme and styles personalization.

WordPress is a Content Management System that allows content editing by non technical personnel.

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Develop And Install Wordpress Website

Asp.Net Websites

Development of Asp.Net websites for complex business processes and data processing.
Technologies: Asp.Net, C#, Html, Css, JScript, SqlServer

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Develop Asp.Net Website

WebJS Open Source Project

WebJS is a free open source web framework for client side web development.

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WebJS source code

WebutilsJS Open Source Project

WebutilsJS is a free open source web framework for web user interface utilities.

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WebutilsJS source code