Information Technology services, support consulting marketing development.

Technical Support

Technical support for computer systems applications networks. Operating Systems
Installation administration and support of operating systems.
Windows, Linux, Unix: Windows 2000/2012, CentOS, Fedora, Debian, FreeBSD

Software Applications
Installation and maintenance of software applications.
Email, Databases, Web Hosting, Virtualization.

Computer Networks
Installation and administration of computer networks.
Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Virtual Private Networks
TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, LAN, WAN, VPN, Firewall, Switch, Router

Web Consulting

Web consulting for presence on internet, analysis, business plan.

Web Marketing

Web marketing strategy, web content optimization, search engine optimization, social media marketing.

Web Development

Web development, domain registration, website publication.

Static websites have content that does not has to be edited or changed frequently, this websites can be build fast and economical, and are most used.
Static web sites are composed of HTML pages and do not have a database, they are small in size and can be portable for example on USB stick.
Technology: HTML, CSS, JScript

Content management websites are used when the content has to be changed frequently without technical support. The content of this websites can be edited by non technical personnal.
Technology: WordPress

Corporate websites are complex websites build for specific business processes, for example e-commerce, data processing, data archives.
Technology: Asp.Net

Target Audience

Target audience are individuals professionals companies and anyone interested in web products and services, web marketing, web presence.